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Food items and consumer goods that suffer from spoilage, microorganism growth, change in colour, reduced nutrition, rancidity, lowered quality due to oxygen in the packaging. Using Modified Atmospheric Packaging techniques like gas flushing and vacuum, oxygen gas is removed for packaging prior to hermetic sealing. However, these methods are not successful in removing residual oxygen levels or to achieved the desired (Below 0.5% oxygen level) in packaging. Another problem with these methods is the oxygen gas from outside environment seeps into the packaging due to poor Oxygen barrier in poly-based packaging material. This is known as Oxygen Transmission. Modified Atmospheric Packaging techniques do not resolve this problem complete.

oxygen scavenger sachet or packets have been designed as a single solution to oxygen gas problems from packaging. O2ZeroTM oxygen scavenger sachet or packets permanently absorb oxygen from void space of packaging upto 0.01%. Even under harsh conditions O2ZeroTM oxygen scavenger sachet or packet effectively reduce oxygen to increase the shelf-life of food products. Food Products that are sensitive to oxygen can be protected using O2ZeroTM.

  • Cheeses & Dairy products
  • Protein & Dietary powders
  • Dried fruits and vegetables
  • Vitamins and mineral products
  • Sweets and Mithai
  • Hair dyes and Henna powder
  • Flour, grains, cereals, spices, condiments
  • Breads and baked goods
  • Pre-cooked meals
  • Roasted Nuts and snacks
  • Meats, Poultry & Sea Food
  • Chocolates, Cakes, Cookies & Candies
  • Tea leaves, Tea extracts
  • Roasted Coffee Beans

For edible items with high fatty acid and oil content, rancidity can spoil taste and texture. When testing Peroxide values, oxygen has a significant impact on fatty acid degradation. When these fatty acids and unsaturated oils denature, microorganisms can feed on organic compounds and give off unwanted odour and smell. absorbs the harmful oxygen molecule from the packaging and maintains high peroxide value of fatty Acids and unsaturated oils for longer periods of time. This helps preserve the natural flavours of fatty acids and oils. Products like Roasted nuts and roasted coffee beans are highly susceptible to rancidity.

During Roasting of nuts and coffee beans fats and lipids are degraded by pyrolysis. Roasted Coffee beans go through staling that is accelerated by oxygen presence. Roasted coffee beans will not only lose its aroma but aggregate unwanted flavours due to rancidity. It has been found that reducing oxygen level to well below 0.5% in packing can improve shelf-life by over 20 folds. Even months after packing oxygen permeation into packaging can be detrimental to roasted coffee beans. sachet can remove oxygen level below 0.01% and keep removing oxygen gas that ingress’ into packaging due to high oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of packaging material.

The aroma and taste of tea leaves(black or green) is severely affected by excessive oxidation. Catechins and flavanols, anthocyanins and other aromatic complex organic molecules that give tea leaves their distinct flavour and aroma. Oxygen reacting with these molecules can reduces the taste and aroma. To safeguard the aroma of tea, oxygen scavenger sachet should be used. Food preparations with spices and seasoning can suffer from change in taste caused by oxidation.

Oleoresins and herbal and ayurvedic drugs can have their desired colour dulled or changed, smells and odours due to oxidative degradation. oxygen scavenger sachet or packet protects oleoresins and herbal formulations from oxidation.

Meat and poultry products are kept refrigerated to decelerate the process of microorganism growth. If the proper temperature is not maintained, enzymes and microorganism present in meat will start to breakdown proteins, fats and sugars causing spoilage and colour change. sachets can provided the added protection of slowing this process down during transport and shipping of meat and poultry products.

Fruits, vegetables and flowers have complex organic molecules that give them green, red and other colours. Enzymes present in fruits and vegetables can start to denature the colour in the presence of oxygen. system can slow down this denaturing and preserve natural colours for longer periods of time.

can be used independently or in tandem with modified atmospheric packaging techniques like Nitrogen flushing and vacuum packing. In fact, sachet or packet can be used in conjunction with these methods to improve the quality of packaging. Vacuum packing and gas flushing do not protect packaged food from oxygen molecules which may ingress into the packaging due to Oxygen transmission from outside the packaging. sachets accompany the packaged food and continuously remove oxygen gases that permeate into the packaging from the outside. Months and weeks after the food items leave the packaging line; sachet still performs its duty to protect the food items.