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Oxygen gas constitutes 21% of air that surrounds our atmosphere. When oxygen gas starts to reacts with packaged goods it is called oxidation. Oxidation or Oxidative degradation is responsible for causing harmful damage to meat, poultry, pharmaceuticals drug products, excipients, pharmaceutical ingredients, medical devices, diagnostics, dyes, nutraceuticals, vitamins and dairy products. Oxidation can also damage, electronics, circuit boards, electrical equipment and accessories by corrosion.

Oxidation can have detrimental effects like :

  • Spoilage of food and edible products.

  • Change in taste of edible goods.

  • Change of color of edible items.

  • Create rancidity in packaged goods.

  • Lowered potency in medicine and drugs.

  • Reduced shelf-life and storage periods of consumer items.

  • Reduced effectiveness of vitamins and herbal formulations.

  • Increase in microorganism growth.

  • Corrosion and rusting in electronics.