oxygen scavenger system has been specifically designed for Healthcare & pharmaceutical application. Higher stability in pharmaceutical drugs can be achieved without any change to the formulation. In the healthcare industry, oxidative degradation can create complex problems that can have detrimental effects on packaged item. Oxidative degradation is responsible for

    • Lowering potency of finished dosage forms
    • Increasing impurities post production
    • Reducing shelf-life of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
    • Inconclusive results for diagnostic kits
    • Change in taste, colour, odour of oral solid dosage

Resolving such problems post production can be expensive, increase the complexity of manufacturing and increase “Time-to-Market” unnecessarily.

oxygen scavenger system is an easy solution to oxidation that last throughout packaged life of pharmaceutical products. Their low profile and sleek design allows them to perform their job unhindered while, laying low in bottles, cans, flexible packaging etc.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical products can achieve higher levels of stability and protection using . A momentous decrease in oxygen level (as low as 0.1%) in the head-space of packaging, as well as, reduction in oxygen accumulated over time due to high transmission of oxygen through the packaging can be avoided. Mould and microorganism growth can be extensively reduced with the use oxygen scavengers.

Unlike traditional scavengers systems oxygen scavenger system, does not rely on the moisture level from the product or the packaging environment, it is equipped with its own moisture that is sealed inside the packaging to start the oxygen removal without relying on the product or environmental moisture. This allows for oxygen scavenger system to perform without hindering the moisture balance of the product or its packaging. Maintaining this equilibrium of relative humidity in the packaging enhances stability, shelf-life and performance of drugs.

    oxygen scavenger sachet can be used with:

    • Solid oral dosage forms like Tablets, capsules or powders
    • Hdpe bottles, jars, canisters, blisters, pouches etc.
    • Dry powder or liquefied gas Inhalers
    • Injectable syringes and pre-filled vials
    • Storage of raw material like; Bulk Drug Powders, Intermediates, and API’s
    • Storage of excipients and additives
    • Medical and Diagnostic Devices
    • Surgical implants, prosthetics, dental or cosmetics
    • Vitamin & Dietary Supplements
    • Nutrceutical or Herbal formulations

oxygen scavenger system is part of “Active Packaging” that improves the market performance of healthcare products as an cost-effective solution that can be easily incorporated into the packaging. These sachet or packets are vital in retaining the performance of pharmaceutical products, improving stability and maintaining veracity of the formulation.

When formulating nutraceutical, herbal or vitamin dosage forms, oxidative stability needs to be considered. The ever presence oxygen gas can relentlessly decrease the stability of nutraceutical, herbal and vitamin formulations. oxygen scavenger sachet or packet protects tablets, capsules and even liquid dosage forms.

oxygen scavenger sachet or packets have been registered with the US FDA for direct contact application with food and pharmaceutical products.