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Safety at O2ZeroTM

O2ZeroTM has an incredible capacity to scavenge for oxygen molecule without affecting the packaged item itself. O2ZeroTM does not release any harmful gasses or produce any harmful reaction. All components of O2ZeroTM oxygen scavenger sachets are non-hzardous and non-toxic, they are acceptable to be used in food & pharmaceutical products for direct contact. This allows O2Zero TM to be used in direct contact with food and pharmaceutical items. In fact, O2ZeroTM has been registered with the US FDA for use with Food & Pharmaceutical products.

This system of oxygen removal is a much safer healthier option to increase shelf-life and storage life of food & pharmaceutical products without the need of adding unhealthy preservatives.

The brand oxygen absorber that we supply comply with all EU labelling, food and packaging regulation. For the reference of our U.S.A customer, we have also obtained the Certificate of Drug Master File (DMF) with the U.S Food and Drug Administration for our O2Zero products. Please see below the official certificate for your reference.

Long Lasting

Unlike the conventional methods of gas flushing or vacuum packing that loose vigor over time, will remain active throughout the life of the packaged goods until it reaches it destined end. This make part of the “Active Packaging” system.

Packaging - O2ZeroTM

comes in a sachet that are low-profile, compact and easy to insert into all types of packaging systems either flexible or rigid, eg.


    • Bottles, jars, cans, tubes, cups, containers, boxes, drums etc.


    • Pouches, bags, liners, gusseted bags, zip-locks bags, cups, containers, trays, plates etc.


The simplicity of use of in packaging makes it easy to implement without the need of major changes to the process or facility. It’s compact and sleek design allows it to be easily placed or included into any packaging enclosures. O2ZeroTM sachet can be easily inserted into all type of boxes, bags, pouches, bottles, cans, bulk bags, drums, plastic containers or rigid packaging etc. It can be easily integrated into primary or secondary packaging component.

For fast moving consumer goods, comes in a roll form sachet where, it can be inserted using an automatic dispenser system. This automatic dispenser system can be customized for online packaging process to reach high speeds with accuracy.